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A FanFic Index

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Name:A Harry/Draco fanfic index
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Major redesign underway

I'll be transforming this index to themed lists. The volume of fic and the huge amount of grunt work per fic have make it impossible for me to keep up with indexing. It's been a great experience, and if I could do nothing but read and index all day I would happily do it. Alas, work and home stuff keep make that an unattainable - so themed lists it will be.

~~ Amelia (21 Feb 2010)
- not gonna do that now.

This is the Harry/Draco fanfiction index.
CURRENTLY INDEXED: 514 fics by 264 authors.

I've created the Harry/Draco index for two reasons. Mainly because was sick of trying to remember the name of, and then find fics when I felt like reading a certain type of story/tag/theme. Although there are many excellent rec lists/comms available, I was still frustrated at having to look through list after list in the hope of finding a specific fic. Secondly, I've been wanting to try an online indexing project for some time and the huge volume of Harry/Draco fics written over the last few years gives me a huge chunk of data to work with.

I've decided on fice indexes: Title, Author, Tag, Era, Location, Theme and Classification. The Author Index will, where possible, provide a link to the author's website and to their entry at the [info]hd_directory as well as a list of their fics. For the Tags Index I've decided against using the LJ tags system to classify the stories because it doesn't allow for sub-categories in a satisfactory manner. The headings and sub-headings will be a WIP for some time until I find a satisfactory classification system. I don't want the main headings to be a mix of formal, fanish and slang terms, but I also want the most logical way for people to find their stories. The Title Index will be just that, an alphabetical listing of all the titles with links to where they are archived. I'm adding summaries for each fic entry at the moment to see how it goes, but these may be removed if space become a problem.

Style and technical guidance on the structure of the index from Indexing Books 2nd Edition by Nancy Mulvany. A most excellent book for anyone looking to create an index.
FanFiction classifications from the system established in Textual Poachers by Henry Jenkins.

How This Index Works:
- All entries in the index are alphabetical.
- Authors are indexed under their main name, pseudonyms are cross-referenced.
- The Tags (1) Index is cross-referenced for easy searching.

(1) All tags/genres are indexed here, from fluff to angst; cuddling to bloodplay; club!Draco to darklord!Harry.

This index was previously at [info]hp_dm_index

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Tag Index
Title Index

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